Holistic Services

Acharya’s Ayurveda journey in the west began with consultative practice in Ayurveda and Siddha System of Medicine in India at Arogya Dham, an abode of Health and conducting Modular Trainings with a mission of bringing authentic, complete and pure Ayurveda experience as it is at Master Classes of Ayurveda.

Arogya Dham is a health home of traditional healing practices of Indian system of Medicine known as ‘AYUS’, namely Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani & Siddha and an abode of Bhakti Ayurveda, the spiritual retreat of an Ayurvedic art of living.

In Bhakti Ayurveda tradition at your first contact you will find Acharya doing Nadi Vidya meaning taking your pulse, the signal of life in your body. Ayurvedic doctors have been able to ascertain detailed information about a person’s physical and mental and states from the first contact with the pulse based on this concept. As such, pulse assessment, or Nadi Vidya, is one of the most fascinating aspects of this healing system. All activity in the body and mind is directed by the fluctuation called as heartbeat and this is Ayurveda Pulse assessment.

It is true that Ayurveda pulse assessment is not necessarily an easy task; it is divine and very subtle by which Acharya establishes the body-mind type. Taking your pulse gives a very complete picture of your state of health at any time. It can reveal information about an individual’s past, present and future. Many of the diseases are related to past karma(s) and various planetary influences. Further it helps in understanding the root cause of a disbalances, if any. Then Acharya moves forward to other diagnostic methods to establish final Ayurveda diagnosis, which may be one or many. With this final Ayurveda diagnosis, which may or may not match with your present diagnosis established by regular Medicine, proper remedies and the individualised treatment is planned, discussed and carried upon once agreed by physical, astral and causal levels.

Your first responsibility as a patient/client is to select a practitioner who will join your “team” to support you in obtaining and maintaining optimum health for your body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Acharya works primarily with nutrition, herbs and include the neck connection, spinal manipulation and and stress management with care and stimulation of 108 vital points of the body called as Marma Bindu in Ayurveda. Acharya look mainly at the spiritual aspects of health and disease.

Holistic Services begin with Nadi Vidya – Pulse assessment and Ayurveda Diagnosis

Nadi Vidya – Pulse readings on 7 levels, Body-Mind type, Ojas, Tejas, Prana, Chakra, and Srotas etc.

Other Themes of Holistic Services

Marma Shastra – 108 vital points in Human Physiology – Abhyanga & Specific Ayurveda Massages

Satvika Ahaara Vihaara – Pure Nutrition & Lifestyle Practices with Devotion to Body & Mind as Temple

Divya Aushadhi – Our relationship with age old Sacred Ayurveda Herbs originated in the Holy Himalayas from centuries in their purest forms to prevent, manage or treat complex challenging diseases or disorders of this century

Ayur Astro Jyotish Veda – Balance with Cosmos – 9 Planets Nava Graha & 27 Astronomical Constellations representing Nakshatra Upavana – Garden of Life

Ayur Kama Sutra – Kama is an ancient art of sacred love and actual spiritual connection between partners with the ultimate goal towards self- actualisation. In Ayurvedic tradition sex is utilised as a means to raise the flow of energy from the base of the spine to the crown chakra thus re-awakening one’s dormant cosmic consciousness.

Ayur Gandharva Veda & Sangeeta Mala – Music of-and-for the Soul & Soulmate) and Maha Raas Leela with Marma & Prana Mudra the spiritual gesture and energetic postures in conjunction with Pranayama, the yogic breathing exercises to stimulate Marma & Srotas – 108 Vital Points & 16 Organic Systems of the Body & Mind involved with Breathing and to affect the flow of Prana and Marma Nritya – dissolution of self in wholesome Marma dance.

Suvarna Bindu Samskara – It improves immunity in a way so that you are prevented from bacterial and viral infections. As well it is an aphrodisiac and it. One who undertakes Suvarna Bindu Samskara develops mental ability, increases memory power, rejuvenates and tones up the skin, bring good complexion, digestive power, physical and mental strength, prolonged life span. It brings long, spiritual, holy, saintly and a positive attitude in life and voids away associated evils.
(Kashyapa Samhita Sutra Sthana 18-4/5)

During his practice in India, Acharya has achieved commendable results with Suvarna Bindu Samskara while treating clients suffering from one or the other challenging mental disorder of modern times as well as clients having emotional disabilities and a disbalances in behavioural pattern like how a person’s feels acts, thinks or perceives that causes either suffering or a poor ability to function in ordinary life. Suvarna Bindu Samskara has shown remarkable improvement in quality of life in these clients.

When clients ask Naveen Gupta what we can expect from your consultations, advices & therapies? Then smilingly the answer is, not to expect as expectations delay healing processes.

When students ask Naveen Gupta what we can expect from the teachings & training’s then smilingly the silent answer is open yourself to be the Seeker in the path of Ayurveda.